Do you believe? Or want to?

We’ve held regional launch events in Liverpool, Sunderland and Ironbridge.



Said Geoff Barton, the School Leaders’ Leader from ASCL at our FIrst Festival of Creativity in London in Feb 2018.


Concerned about the plight of arts education in our schools.

Looking for some inspiration, ideas and to connect with likeminds?

Passionate about creativity, people and our children's futures?

Heard and said enough. Want to do, and even be part of, something?

That's what our first festival was all about and we'll be back in Feb 2019 with a week long, nationwide festival to build on it and want you to join us, even if you can’t come to London for the knees up.

We’ll announce venue, speaker and ticket details for the weekend bit on Fri Nov 16th but for now, put the date in your diary and start thinking and planning an event you could run in your community that week.


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We want to inspire Schools and Communities across the UK to run small events during the week under the #ARTCONNECTS banner - art shows, concerts, hackathons, dances and other gatherings where you celebrate your art.

Then, we’d love to see everyone come down to London for a big weekend of short talks, activities and a dance.


Scheduled as a week of activity across the UK 2-10 Feb 2019 with a weekend climax in London:

  • Friday evening - fringe social

  • Saturday - Creative Schools Day

  • Saturday evening - #DanceConnects party

  • Sunday - Creative Work/Lives Day

Saturday and Sunday will be a day of short talks, performances and activities for all the family. This is not an academic conference, but a Festival, without the mud and camping.

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We want to see schools businesses and other organisations across the UK run small, local events under the #ARTCONNECTS19 banner to celebrate how art connects in their communities. We’ll send you logos and branding and share your art on social media.

Here are a few ideas:


Art show

Display some of your art. But this is not for private views, invite your community in.

Like Alperton Community School did here.

IMG_8051 (Large).JPG


As Kenneth Tharpe says “Dance Connects us deeply to ourselves”.

So why not run a knees up like Dr Peter Lovatt does.

Improv 4x3.jpg


Put on a play at school or in a community centre. Run an awesome Improv workshop?

See how St Bernard’s Primary combined art and theatre.

Studio School Game Jam (Large).jpg


Get your community coding, run a day or weekend session.

Like the Liverpool Studio School’s Game Jam

St Saviours concert m.jpg


Hold a concert or performances in your school church or community centre.

We’ll never forget seeing Roy Ayers at St Saviour’s

kindred studios open day.jpg

Open studio

If you’re an artist, a creative with your own studio, why not invite you community in?

Like the 170 artists at Kindred Studios in West London


We have about 30 video blogs in the can to send out over the weeks as we build up to our big week in February.

Here’s a taster of what’s to come so, for now, sit back and let Winnie and Geoff blow you away with their generous contributions from last year.

"It's not about funding, but allowing humans to be more human"

We really didn't expect, but were delighted by this call to arms to parents, teachers and businesses from  the schools leaders' leader Geoff Barton, General Secretary of ASCL talking about the importance of, yet pressure on creativity, and arts education in UK Schools.

And you’ll be blown away by what happened when Science teacher Winnie Greer walked on stage!

Get a feel for this inspiring day from the photos above and see the complete photo gallery here.

What's in it for you:

  • Parents - find out why creativity is so important and compare your school options. Ensure your kids stand the best chance against the robots and artificial intelligence.

  • Teachers - see how primary and secondary schools teach creativity and teach creatively. Be inspired to try it.

  • Creatives - celebrate your art and share it with and be inspired by others. See how you can work with schools.

  • Businesses - come and meet your community and find out how you can collaborate with them for creativity. You might even sponsor us or help runa STEAM Co. Day before the festival.

  • Children - we will have a some creative activities for delegates and speakers children (aged 6 - 14) such as puppetry, newspaper engineering, paper rockets, t-shirt design and printing. Tickets are required and parents/carers much remain with their children.


While we’re lining up partners and sponsors for next year’s event, this is probably a good time to thank all the generous companies, organisations and people who helped make the first #ARTCONNECTS Festival happen.

Do get in touch above if you’d like to be part of the next one.

SCOKXC logo spread 16x9.jpg



A Pop-Up STEAM Co. Day at Raynham Primary in a London borough 

Seven years ago, a group of carers (people who care about creativity - like parents, artists, techs, employers and teachers) were inspired by a TED talk and half a book to start a movement. We'd met some lovely creative people in a field who let us call ourselves 'The Little House of Fairy Tales'. 

Three years ago, we realised we weren't little or about fairies and changed our name.

STEAM Co. was born.

We were aware of both the value of creativity, yet the challenges faced in UK schools, and saw an opportunity to bring the conversation out of education echo chambers by connecting schools, businesses and the wider community.

 'Leaving No One Behind': Short film of our recent event in Ironbridge.

After a wonderful response from across the board and events in Liverpool, Sunderland, Ironbridge, Norwich, etc, a non-profit community enterprise STEAM Co CIC was founded and we are now going to run an event to showcase collective achievements of like minds across the country.

This event will inspire by celebrating the power of creativity, tech and people to engage children, innovate business and connect communities.

It's always about one thing... Connection

If you're intrigued by the event, and haven't seen this inspiring 60 second film by Seth Godin talking about how art connects, do watch it now.

It’s a big part of what got us here.