Before we start on the why, what, how of it all, take a look at this short film below of a STEAM Co. Day that was commissioned by the tri-borough council of Westminster, Kensington and Hammersmith to support a key note speech we were asked to give at their school leaders conference at the end of 2016.

In the film above, you'll hear a head teacher describe how their STEAM Co. Day brought their community together.

You'll see a teacher have a refreshingly inspiring day in school.

Watch how how a professional mum brought her skills in, the 'magic' activity run by a local bank.

See a 'no kids yet' innovation consultant had one of the best days of his career (he's since had twin boys!).

But most importantly see why that little boy is literally jumping for joy on his STEAM Co. Day.


We're off again, a ten week tour of the UK to Inspire and Celebrate Creativity in School Communities.

We launched it in Parliament on Monday 30th April with guest speakers and performances.

We've been to Manchester and Lancashire, Leeds and Yorkshire next it's Stoke, Birmingham and Newcastle for the Great North Expo. 

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“We know that when you have fun, you learn. Memories last. 

A creative approach to the curriculum provides an opportunity for children to experience learning”

Shelley Duffy - Principal Lead Adviser
Westminster, Kensington and Hammersmith
Tri-borough Education Service

“I was lucky enough to be at Kenmont Primary.  I saw the assembly. I’ve been in many schools but I've rarely seen a whole school so enthused, engaged and excited.

It was absolutely brilliant”

Margaret Brown - EAL Adviser
Westminster, Kensington and Hammersmith
Tri-borough Education Service

Creativity and community

Now watch this film of how a digital agency in London's Shoreditch 'Tech City' freed up some staff for a day and worked with secondary children, a world famous creative and one of the country's most challenged school communities to give their children a STEAM Co. Day.


As well as a solid academic background, our children need to be able to problem solve, think creatively and work together to thrive in the impending fourth industrial revolution.

And it's critical we "get them in Primary" to connect them with the curriculum and sow seeds for career pathways.

But primary schools are already flat out teaching children reading, writing and maths and the the pressure only gets more intense in secondary. 


We believe the talent to inspire children with creativity is latent in every community, so we're connecting parents, carers, creatives and businesses with schools across the UK. There's something everyone can do to help on a STEAM Co. Day in a Primary or a 'collapsed timetable day' in Secondary.

We inspire and provide resources to help communities run STEAM Co. Days.

  • INSPIRATION: Our regional launch events and community briefings and screenings set out to showcase creativity, spread the word and connect communities to run STEAM Co. Days. See our Ironbridge event film here.
  • RESOURCES:  Whether you already have nearly everything you need to run a STEAM Co. Day, want to borrow our Pop-Up Day Drop Truck or use our Inspirator activities, we can help you.

We've had help to date from some of the UK's biggest companies and hope to persuade more of them as sponsors and the UK's world class creative talent to help us as #inspirators.

Join us?

Click here to sign up below so we can keep you posted and help you run one in your school.

First you could book one of our half day 'Rocket Kids' Samplers.

Or borrow or sponsor one of our Pop-Up Day Drop Trucks.

Or maybe join us as a sponsor or creative?

Yep, it's #YOURturn ?

Download our one page overview or, for the full blown take away version of this website, download a copy of our booklet here.

STEAM Co. Days?

STEAM Co. Days are an adrenaline shot of creativity, a day of 20 or so thinking and doing activities across the spectrum of STEAM* skills. See film on the right and others here >

The effect is felt through the year and beyond, as we hope to help children find out what they want to be great at, and help them pursue that dream.

We're now looking for like-minded parents and other carers, schools, creatives and local businesses as well as funding support to help us roll it out across the UK.


Sir Ken Robinson
At our regional launch event in Liverpool

(Click picture to left to see
Sir Ken speaking at one of our events)


Book a half day STEAM Co.  Sampler for your school now

To give schools a taste of STEAM Co. and to connect and inspire their communities, we offer a half day 'Rocket Kids' sampler session and are taking bookings now.

We kick off with a whole school assembly on rocket science and the 'Rocket Boy's' story of aspiration, invention and family followed by a rocket making activity for children and a STEAM Co. briefing for staff and parents with optional TA CPD session.

It's perfect for Primary and Secondary schools (including Year 7 transition).

See the 2 minute film below of our trip to run 'Rocket Kids' sessions at schools across Norfolk during the Norwich Science Festival.

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It takes brave leadership.
And Ofsted are clear... 
they celebrate creativity"

Steve Williamson - Headteacher
Northern Saints Primary, Sunderland

"The children were absolutely overwhelmed by it.
A stunning, stunning morning"

Dean Marshall, Head Teacher
Mill Hill Primary School. Sunderland 


Find out more about our national three day festival in Kings Cross, London’s freshest Creative Hub and world class Knowledge Quarter in February 2018. 

To celebrate the power of creativity, tech and people to inspire children, innovate business and engage community. To connect.

We were delighted to have the support of TES, Netmums and The Drum as media partners and other organisations like SSAT, The RSA and The Creative Industries Federation.

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With the support of Google and other friends we took a day of amazing tech literacy activities and talks to schools in Cornwall, Newcastle and London during Europe Code Week 6 - 22 October 2017.

Check out the film from the three days aboveand sign up if you'd like to find out about having one in your school.


The STEAM Co. newspaper

With a bit of help from our friends at Barclays, National Grid, Cass Art, SSAT and Google we just published 5,000 copies of the latest STEAM Co. Newspaper.

With 2 free creativity posters in the middle, you'll be sure to want a few copies to brighten up both your mind and home/work space.

Order a few copies in our shop here.

Maybe get a few to leave in your local library, school, gallery or at work.

Talking like TED. Walking with Ted.

We had a fantastic time in Norwich as lead partners of TEdxNorwichED where a couple of our board of advisers and other friends were speaking.

See the film below that STEAM Co. Co-founder made there with creativity guru Tom Morley and read the blog it inspired for us all to walk the talk, to walk with Ted.