We’ve been blown away by the interest in STEAM Co. Days from all quarters, though our focus to date has been on helping communities run these special days in primary schools, inspired, not least by personal experience as primary parents, but also the words of Prof Robert Winston: “You’ve got to get them in primary”.

To help us get out to tell communities about STEAM Co. and give them a taste of what we do and the chance to find out more, we are now taking our half day 'Rocket Kids'  sampler session to schools across the UK.

It's based on an amazing book we came across and brings creativity and literacy together to inspire children and connect communities.

Here's a 90 second film of what one headteacher thought.

"I became a teacher to TRY TO MAKE children make that noise"

Vic Goddard, Headteacher Passmores and str 'Educating Essex'

Have a look at the films below and see what you think. Download the flyer and pass it on.



"The children were absolutely overwhelmed by it.

A stunning, stunning morning" 

Dean Marshall, Head Teacher
Mill Hill Primary School., Sunderland

Our inspiration

After conversations with a number of secondary schools and from working with top #Teacher5aday tweeter and Deputy Head Teacher, Martyn Reah at Camp Bestival 2016, we’ve put something together that should appeal to both primary and secondary schools across the UK who want to know more about STEAM Co, engage KS2 and new year 7 pupils as part of their transition and excite, educate and entertain children and teachers alike.

As well as inspiring children and engaging your community, it makes for great CPD for SLT, teachers and TA’s in primary and secondary schools. It makes a great creative INSET day activity for staff team building and can be combined with Coding BBC Micro:bits to help nurture #TechLiteracy skills across your teams of educationalists or business people alike.

“We laughed and enjoyed each other’s company, celebrating achievements and really learning from our failures. And it was awesome fun.

STEAM Co days are a partnership with parents and businesses to provide an adrenaline shot of creativity”

From Martyn Reah's Camp Bestival Blog
Secondary Deputy Head Teacher
@martynreah @Teacher5aday

"STEAM Co.'s presentation of my memoir Rocket Boys is how I've always hoped the book would be presented.

In the USA, Rocket Boys is studied in thousands of schools and has encouraged millions of students to decide to excel in whatever field they choose."

Homer Hickham
Author - Rocket Boys

"My class are loving the Rocket Boys book.
I'm going to use it as a literacy text."

James Rich, Class teacher
West Lulworth Primary School


It takes a brave leader, but Ofsted are clear, they celebrate creativity"

Steve Williamson
Headteacher Northern Saints Primary

The sampler programme

A STEAM Co. Sampler is perfect for both secondary and primary schools and takes half a day, covering three key parts:

  1. Rocket Kids assembly – an engaging 40 minute talk/stage show, of aspiration, invention, determination, diversity, family and STEAM Skills, inspired by Homer Hickam’s 'Rocket Boys' best-selling book and blockbuster movie as well as drawing on other STEAM powered space explorers from Elon Musk to Helen Sharman. Requires audience input from staff and pupils. We look at what makes rocket fly and how the children will be making their own rockets. If site, weather and risk assessments allow, afterwards it may even be possible to fire a 2 stage ‘black powder’ rocket with parachute recovery system about 500 feet in the air! 
  2. Rocket Science activity – a 1 hour hands on outdoors activity where up to 45 children get the chance to make a paper rocket and fire it several hundred feet in the air using nothing more than a puff of air from a bike pump. Requires assistance from 2 members of staff (no rocketry experience necessary)
  3. STEAM Co. briefing– a 30 minute talk to SLT, staff, parents and local businesses in the school community on the story behind STEAM Co. by its co-founder Nick Corston MEng FRSA and STEM Ambassador. It will give an overview of what’s involved in running a STEAM Co. Day and an overview of the Pop-Up Day Drop Truck which will hopefully be parked outside in your playground! We will be doing all we can to convince you to run your own STEAM Co. Day and how we can help if you want us to. Alternatively this can be held as a late afternoon evening session as a mini conference as North Saints Primary did in this film.

Please note: this show is based on professional input from rocketry experts, uses commercial equipment and is considered completely safe and a full risk assessment will be provided together with Extended DBS and £25m public liability insurance certificates.

It is suitable for KS1,2 and 3 children who do get very excited, making it unsuitable for early years nursery/reception children without close supervision.


If you’re up for a taste of STEAM Co. inspiration and want to see one of our Pop-Up STEAM Co. Day Drop Trucks rock up at your school gate then get in touch now.

To cover costs and help power STEAM Co. we make a small charge to cover these STEAM Co. Samplers of £300 (ex VAT if appropriate) per half day plus travel costs outside of the M25.

We’re keen to deliver it for groups of schools outside of the South East to keep travel costs down and are also seeking sponsorship for STEAM Co. Drop Trucks and recruiting representatives to work with them across the UK.



(An optional 2 hour session can be included in the second half of the day on helping schools develop strategies for struggling readers in KS2 and 3 with a 30 minute introduction to the challenges children, parents and children face by looking at the ReadingWise Decoding and Comprehension interventions.

This session for SLT, Literacy Specialists, SENCOs and TAs can be followed up with a 1.5 hour CPD session for TAs to empower them to run a free 2 week trial of the ReadingWise Decoding intervention. See film here)


It’s worth noting that we haven’t ignored secondary schools in STEAM Co. planning and doing to date. We see a key role for their Year 9 students and above, as well as sixth form and staff helping out as ‘carers*’. This might be at STEAM Co. Days in their feeder primary schools or by staging ag STEAM Co Day at their own school as part of their Year 7 recruitment activity and community engagement.

Indeed the STEAM Co. regional launch event in Liverpool with Sir Ken Robinson, was hosted by two of the city's particularly progressive and generous secondary schools – Life Sciences UTC and The Studio School.

Our North East Regional launch event with Dominic Wilcox’s Inventors! was hosted by Monkwearmouth Academy in Sunderland and we were delighted to be asked to give a keynote talk at the Inspiring Minds conference in St Ives, organised by Mounts Bay Academy.


This film describes how the 'Rocket Kids' Sampler can engage children and reconnect them with the curriculum, providing a 'launchpad for learning'. Read more in this blog.

And this blog describes an OFSTED inspector telling us how running a STEAM Co. Day would count towards an ‘Outstanding’ rating for Secondaries by providing the community collaboration now mandatory for this much sought after rating.


* Carers: People who care. Parents are carers. Grandparents are carers. Older children can be carers. Employees in local businesses can be carers. Carers are carers. People who care.