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Open to all UK schools in England, Wales and Scotland (Sorry we just won't be able to get over the water to Northern Island this time)


One of the people whose work inspired the formation of STEAM Co. was Prof Guy Claxton who said at the Kidcrafters event where we launched.

He said "We need to help children understand what they want to be great at and help them pursue that dream".

Similarly Lord Michael Heseltine and Prof Robert Winston who has emphasised the importance of inspiring and children in primary school to help them on their career and life trajectory.

So we were delighted to make a pledge to support National Careers Week 2018 the National by offering to run one of our half day 'Rocket Kids' sessions free for any school (primary or secondary) anywhere in the UK. 


Based on the best selling book 'Rocket Boys' and movie 'October Sky" by Homer Hickam, it's a story of aspiration, creativity and family and saw a group of boys go from seeing a bright light in the October night sky to working for NASA. You couldn't make it up.

If there is a more inspiring story, it's probably Elon Musk's who, having helped develop and sell PayPal spent the money on designing and building reusable rockets.

We tell his story in the session too!

It consists of an all school assembly, a firing of a real rocket with parachute and a rocket making/firing activity for a class of children (KS1/2 or KS3/4).

If you haven't seen it, take a look at the 2 minute film below of a week we spent taking this session to schools across Norfolk for the Norwich Science Festival.

THE Rocket Kids UK Tour

We recently took a Tech Literacy and Coding STEAM Co. Day to schools in Cornwall London and Newcastle. The STEAM CoCo Code Day UK Tour. See film here.

Which gave us an idea... why don't we take the #RocketKids session to UK schools between Lands End and John o'Groats for National Careers Week.

Do the maths

We need to do some maths first, to see how feasible this is. The distance is 874 miles and takes most cyclists ten to fourteen days and given the record for running the route is nine days, we're sure we can drive it in 5 days but will of course need to stop each day to do 2 'Rocket Kids' sessions in schools along the way.

We'll also have to raise some money to cover this mammouth tour, either by having the schools make the donation of £300 we usually request for this session or getting companies to cover the cost of each or all of the sessions.

If it transpires that only one school can have a free session we will run a competition to work out which of the ten schools that week it is.

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So we need to do some maths first, but if you'd like to enter the competition to be the one school or one of the schools we visit sign up below.

No obligation at this stage.

We will advise schools and announce the result/our plan by the end of January.

(See the film opposite of when we visited a school in Devon recently)

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Are you prepared/able to make the £300 donation for us to pop in and deliver this half day session if you don't win the free place or we can't get sponsorship (this won't affect your chances of winning it).
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