STEAM Co. probably fails the ultimate test for some, possibly narrow minded, people who judge anyone's right to have an opinion on our education system by whether they have taught in a school. So let's be clear:


We aren't one person. We spell STEAM with the letters T E A M for a reason, STEAM Co. is not a me but a 'we team', a collaboration and works with/represents the hopes, dreams and best efforts of a wide range of people - parents, teachers, creatives, employers and so on.

We unashamedly value creativity in all its forms and how it can engage children, innovate business and connect communities.

No we haven't all taught in schools. Some of us have. Some of us lead and work in 'Ofsted Outstanding' schools while others do their best to make the grade for various reasons yet fear for their jobs. They do what they can but they're only human after all (see below).

Some of us, without PGCE's, go into schools, and help parents, teachers and children have what many of them say was one of the most the most inspiring and engaging days they've ever experienced in or out of school. Which is nice.

The best teachers and schools we know, like us know they only know what they know, and that the word is changing faster than any of us can keep up with. They look outside and bring the best bits in to their schools. They engage their communities in our children's learning.

So we have a few questions about how we all educate our children for what the World Economic Forum is calling the Fourth Industrial Revolution. But this is not a time for #BinaryEdThinking

So when a group of people, whose work and opinions we respect, come together - 500 teachers to 'reclaim their profession' - we listen.

When they ask us to partner them at their annual conference - Northern Rocks 2017 - in Leeds on June 17th we bit their hand off.

Not least as it's lead by a great team including Dr Debra Kidd who we first saw speak at a ResearchEd conference.

If you haven't seen it, do check out the inspiring and feet on the ground talk she gave on 'Education (R)evolution' at the RSA.

Yes, we thought. These are the sort of people we need to be hanging out with so we're packing up the STEAM Co. Drop Truck for #SCONRX and heading up the A1 (better scenery, we like roundabouts and trailers aren't allowed in the fast lane on the M1 anyway!)

FRI 16th : Community Screening

We're delighted to be partnering with a Leeds Primary school for one of our community screenings and discussions of the award winning education documentaries 'Most Likely to Succeed' featuring Sir Ken Robinson, Salman Khan (Khan Academy) and a bloke who wasn't to happy to be beaten at chess by IBM's Big Blue!  

They're both busy but we're putting together an inspiring panel of people to discuss the movie with you including:

  • David Price OBE : education guru with the Innovation Unit and Engaged Learning
  • Bryn Llewellyn : active play expert and founder of TagTiv8

This plane took off before we'd finished building it, so watch this space as we add more first class passengers.

See our short film trailer for the evening here:

“It is an opportunity for us to take a good look at why creativity is important

and the systems we have assumed must be right because they are there.

And see where the faults are. Because there are faults.

The conversation is not binary. It’s not them and us.”

Lemn Sissay MBE, Poet and Chancellor of Manchester University

 Click above to get tickets now.

Click above to get tickets now.

Where: Brudenell Primary School, Leeds, LS6 1EW

When: 7pm - 10pm Fri 16th June 

Free tickets available: donations welcomed.

Download a flyer here and print a few off for your community

To see other trailers and films from previous screening evenings, see here.

THURS/FRI 15th/16th 'Rocket Kids' IN Leeds Schools

We're really keen to connect with Yorkshire Schools to tell them more about our work and to encourage them to run STEAM Co. Days.

We're offering to run our half day 'Rocket Kids' sampler sessions on the Thursday and Friday and have a couple of bookings already.

It's a mashup of creativity and literacy and provides a fantastic launchpad for engagement and learning for both children and the school community.

See this film of a rapid fire 2 minute talk on the story behind the session that Nick gave at BETT earlier in the year and some feedback we had from the 'UK's most popular headteacher' Vic Goddard.

To enquire about having a session in your school while we are in the area or later in the summer term anywhere in the UK, please sign up on the form here.


We're still working on this and trying to decide whether to sit on our stand and chat to people or run a few creative activities - Rocket Science, Newspaper Engineering, BBC Micro:bit Coding, #ILoveArt t-shirt design, etc - out in the quad at Leeds Beckett University which is hosting Northern Rocks. Weather will have a lot to do with it!

One thing is for sure, everyone will get a copy of the latest STEAM Co. Newspaper we just reprinted due to popular demand.

Check this film of a similar weekend we had at TEDxNorwichED recently.

One thing is for sure... we'll pick a few key times to fire off a few rockets.

Whether or not you have tickets for Northern Rocks which has totally sold out, let us know if you'd like to pop along with a group of primary children and we can run a few STEAM Co. creative activities for you.

And if you want to know what STEAM Co. is all about... watch what happened when one of our Drop Trucks rocked up at this inner city school and we powered a school community to inspire their children with creativity on a STEAM Co. Day commissioned by the Westminster, Chelsea and Hammersmith education team.

“I was lucky enough to be at Kenmont Primary.  I saw the assembly. I’ve been in many schools but rarely have I seen a whole school so enthused, and engaged and excited.  It was absolutely brilliant”

Margaret Brown - EAL Adviser
Westminster, Kensington and Hammersmith Tri-borough Education Service

“We know that when you have fun, you learn. Memories last. It lingers. A creative approach to the curriculum provides an opportunity for children to experience learning”

Shelley Duffy - Principal Lead Adviser
Westminster, Kensington and Hammersmith Tri-borough Education Service