A film made as the dust settled after an amazing couple of days in East Anglia as lead partners for #TEDxNorwichED

Norwich Sat 18th March 2017

It all came together very quickly after we heard that two of our board of advisers Jaz Ampaw-Farr and Hannah Wilson were giving keynote speeches and we were offered a feature area with one of our Drop Trucks and were helped by great partners like Barclays Eagle Lab.

Both Jaz and Hannah are incredible people and inspiring educationalists.

Hannah is head teacher designate for a visionary new secondary School in Didcot where she is keen to make STEAM a central pillar.

We'll post their talks here soon but to get a feel for what's in store, see this film we made of Jaz's incredibly powerful and inspiring talk at TMLondon last year. She blew the roof off in Norwich.

Apparently, this was the only TEDX-ED in the UK if not Europe this year and as with all TED events sold out really quickly so we held one of our community screening and discussion on the Saturday evening at Norwich School.

For more info on TEDXNorwichED visit their website - they have all the talks filmed.



We published 5,000 newspapers to celebrate creativity and how it can engage children, innovate business and connect communities. 

They have 2 great creativity posters in the middle.


They were available at the TEDxNorwichED conference and also now at the library in The Forum in Norwich and you can order one or a whole bundle from our online shop here


STEAM Co. were asked to provide a selection of activities in the Be-Inspired area on the day both for delegates and local children.

The local Barclays Eagle lab ran BBC Micro:bit activities and we'll have our newspaper engineering and Rocket Science activities going.

Community Screening

For everyone who didn't manage to get tickets for the day of talks, we shared thoughts from the day at one of our Community Screenings/Discussions of 'Most Likely to Succeed' - the amazing multi award winning film about creativity in schools.

It was generously hosted by Norwich School in the city centre, .

As always we had a bunch of free tickets for 'unwaged but engaged' people from the community and other tickets were just a fiver.

We had a great panel lined up to lead a discussion after the film:

  • Hatt Bagley - 'Chief Doer' - Camouflaged Learning
  • Tom Morley - 'Inspirator' - creative ambassador and former drummer with Scritti Politti
  • Charlene Ledgard - 'Creative Community person' - Norwich Open Youth Trust
  • Rod Stevenson - 'Rocket Scientist' - possibly the most inspiring and engaging teacher imaginable. Will be bringing in his 20' rocket!
  • Claire Riseborough - 'Engaged Mum' and leader of Step into Tech, inspiring the next generation of coders.
  • Paul Freakley - 'Digital Eagle' - one of the amazing 15,000 Barclays Digital Eagles from their local Eagle Lab

Watch the trailer and a short film of such an evening we held recently in Hackney below. For more info on how we can help YOU run one of these evenings wherever you are see here.

Trailer for #TXNMLS Norwich Screening

Short film of Community Screening in Hackney


This is going to be a very special event for us all. We have some great friends nearby in Cambridge in our other advisers Rachel Snape at the Spinney School and Prof Pam Burnard at Cambridge University.

But also... STEAM Co. Co-founder, Nick's family are from East Anglia, his mum and dad met on the roller skating rink at Bury St Edmunds in the 50's, but get this... his grandad started and ran a baked bean canning factory for HP on the site of the factory that built the legendary Burrell steam traction engines that helped fuel the first steam revolution.

So we can't wait to help bring the STEAM revolution back to East Anglia.