Did you see the mashup film we made after we saw the Elton John Film for John Lewis. It had 50k views in a couple of hours after Elton ‘liked’ it and led to a Little Lad in Leeds getting a Lego Train Set for Christmas and showed how trains can connect in more ways than one.

It inspired us to run a year long #ARTCONNECTS19 Festival to help our kids connect with their art, and to connect communities with their schools.

See the film here. You can’t make it up.


And because we say that art connects, we’ve called called our #ARTCONNECTS19 Festival Competition the #ARTofTRAINS.


And because a book about rockets has connected us with school communities across the country, what better day to launch this competition than #WORLDBOOKDAY?




  1. THREE FIRST PRIZES: Three lucky winning school communities on the railway lines served by GWR, LNER and Virgin Trains will get a free half day #ARTofTRAINS session (worth £300) loosely based on our #ARTofROCKET session.

  2. NINE RUNNERS UP PRIZES: Three schools on each of the lines will win copies of Homer Hickam’s ‘Rocket Boys’ Book.

  3. FAME FOR THOUSANDS: All we ask per entry is that you spare a pound to support our ARTCONNECTS19 Festival by becoming a patron, or a #PARTRON19. For that you’ll get your name listed on a page that The Guardian newspaper have given us on Sat 30th March. You’ll also appear in the next STEAM Co. newspaper like this one.

Nothing to lose.


Whether you’re a creative person or organisation and want to know more about our #ARTCONNECTS19 Festival and being a #PARTron19, click here.

We have other options to support it where you can get a t-shirt, an #ILOVEAR poster, etc or advert in our own newspaper.


Whether it’s getting your head round how the steam powered Rocket invented by George Stephenson works or the STEAM Powered space rockets, this is the session for your school community.

Based largely on our #ARTofROCKETS session (see film below) with an extra sprinkle of trains and books, this half day session consists of:

  • ALL SCHOOL ASSEMBLY - where we go on a roller coaster story about the power of creativity and importance of our art, whatever it is. We bring it to life by telling the amazing story of Homer Hickam’s ‘Rocket Boys’ book.

  • ROCKET WORKSHOP - we make and fire incredible air rockets with a class of children

  • ROCKET LAUNCH - as a grand finale we launch a dynamite powered rocket into space and watch it descend back to earth on a parachute.


We’ll add to these as we think of them but for now:

  • Competition closes - midday Thurs 25th April

  • Winners announced - on Fri 26th April

  • Open to all UK Schools - Primary and KS3 Secondary in areas served by GLR, GWR, LNER and Virgin Trains between Penzance, Carmarthen, Bristol, Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle, Leeds, Inverness, etc and London (with 10 miles of a train station - school to provide transport or pay taxis)

  • Multiple entries - only one entry per person/email address. Children can enter with permission of adult over 18 who must enter by paying by credit card.

  • Half Day Session Date - The half day #ART OF TRAINS, #ART OF ROCKETS #ARTofBOOKS Session must be taken on a day to be agreed with STEAM Co. during w/c 29th April.

  • Publicity - Schools will be required to collaborate with STEAM Co. for photography and video footage of the sessions, subject to existing safeguarding and GDPR policies within the school.

  • Don’t hassle - any of our partners on this. We’re a non-profit community enterprise and very grateful to GWR, LNER and Virgin Trains for giving us tickets to make this possible. We don’t represent or endorse them in any way and stress they are in no way responsible for the shambolic way that this competition will probably evolve in a way that only a bunch of well meaning parents could do.

  • The Guardian - we’re very grateful to the Guardian for giving us a full page ad but do understand that if a paying advertiser comes along at the last minute we may get bumped and hope you’ll understand too. It will go in at a later or earlier date.

  • Any questions - email

  • STEAM Co. - rocks and our decision is final. Unless we decide to change our mind.