STEAM stands for the STEAM subjects of Science, Technology, Engineering, ART and Maths.

The word ART should be double sized and in technicolour as it's more than just a fifth of the equation, but critical to engaging children and delivering true innovation thinking and doing - key to tomorrow's economy and employment.

Be quite clear though, it's not just another arts and crafts day, but about inspiring creativity in all its forms.

If the Co. in STEAM Co. stood for one thing, it might very well be Collaboration, the ingredient that makes it all possible.

A unique and inclusive collaboration of creatives, parents, teachers and the community:



We bring in creatives (people and companies) from across the arts, sciences and technology.

Here inventor Darcy Turner shows a game made with his Stixx from newspapers.


There's never been a tougher time to be a teacher with so many pressures and subjects.

A STEAM Co. day compliments their skills and provides inspiration for activities into the year.

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There's something every parent and carer can do before or on a STEAM Co. day.

It might be cutting and pasting props at home before, or helping run activities on, the day.

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We get great support from local companies, whether financial or people.

Barclays, Lego, Google, National Grid and BT have supported us in the past.

Yes, STEAM Co. is all about collaboration. We want to see carers, parents, teachers and student form secondary and further education working with primary schools as well as artists and local businesses, museums, galleries and other institutions.

Look what the Times Education Supplement thought of our community collaboration.

(Click on the image to see a video of a typical STEAM Co. Day in a UK school):

"You've got to get them in primary school"

Professor Robert Winston at the Mayor of London's Education Conference Nov 2014