Don’t miss the film below with the latest global superstar’s song we’ve borrowed to advocate for creativity in our schools, work and lives.

It’s by the son of a head teacher so we hope he cares about creativity too, gets it and let us off.

Like Elton John did when he RT’d the mash up we did of his song, our song, Your Song.


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CLICK IMAGE: To review donation options

We launched our Ten Day #ARTCONNECTS19 Festival on New Years’ Day with 30 days to co-create a launch week.

Inspired after a chat with the Minister of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport we decided we needed to, and should, co-fund it.

It was a hairy audacious plan that enabled Creative Carers with some money but less time to chip in to help those with less money but more time to go along.

And so we could film it for everyone to see it afterwards.


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We still can’t quite believe what an epic line-up of speakers we pulled together for the launch week.

Literally the best, including a creativity keynote from one of the world’s most inspiring and creative people, Tom Morley, co-founder and former drummer with Scritti Politti.

Not only that, but we also had this year’s nominee for the $1m Global Teacher Prize, a music teacher from Bradford as well a young Scottish Asian woman who has been a former Toy Engineer, won the Young Woman Engineer of the Year award and has been in Cosmo.

We had the best venues in West London - like White City Place which is London’s New Creative Campus for the ‘Creative Work and Lives Day’ on Sunday 10th Feb.

Saturday saw our ‘Creative Schools’ Day at Kensington Aldridge Acaemy, the current TES Secondary School of the Year in North Kensington. The line up included the TES Awards Creative School of the Year from Formby and the TES Community School and Alternative Provision School of the Year, who are a mile or so from the legendary Glastonbury Festival site.


But our star was a little lad from Yorkshire, who last time we were in Leeds was delighted with a sticker we gave him but simply blew us away with his reaction to a Lego train set we got for him for Christmas from John Lewis.

Add to the above, a few dozen schools who ran independent #OURART19 Events under the #ARTCONNECTS19 banner, with more joining the list every day.

Yes, the cake was made and wasfull of juicy fruit.

All that remained was give the tickets away free of charge. Yes, nearly all of them.

We’re big believers in the 80:20 Pareto rule so gave 80% of all tickets away free and charged a bit more for the stragglers in the last 20%.


Regardless of our best intentions we’d hit a bit of a wall and, taking Donald Trump’s advice, decided to go right through it.

The problem with short notice events of this calibre is that many people, both speakers and delegates, already have full diaries and say they can’t make it.

Other people simply don’t seem to go to events that they aren’t speaking at, which is understandable in a way, though we do wonder what sort of event would make them break that rule.

We’d also missed grant body deadlines and many companies we hoped might sponsor us are looking the other way, given all the uncertainty with Brexit and general trading conditions, and who can blame them?

Inspired by the MInister of The Art of…

Just when we wondered how to crack this log jam, we were invited to a talk by the Culture Secretary.

We were offered an interview with him so jumped on a cheap and slow train to Coventry.

For now, let’s just say that we were thoroughly inspired by the minister’s speech and he gave us a gift of an idea.

You can read about that adventure this blog or watch the film he made for us just there.

He talked about the importance of art in education, health, society, the economy, even prisons. How he was collaborating with all those respective departments and co-funding projects with them.

Given that ‘art is what we call it when what we do might connects us’, he’s clearly quite an artists himself. From here on The Minister of the Art of… Collaboration, Creativity, Co-Funding, Festivals…

Festivals? Yes, he even announced a Nationwide Festival of Creativity in 2022.

But we can’t wait till then.

Our children’s futures start now and we have a festival ready to roll. One that just needs icing


Many people say they love our work and are keen to support us. They say they care for creativity and our children’s futures, but simply don’t have time to come along given other commitments.

Let’s call them #CreativeCarers. Most of them are are busy with their jobs so it’s not really a money thing.


This journey is full of magic moments, one particular one was when we were down at the Tabernacle Community Arts Centre in Notting Hill where one of our Collaborators, Chris Sullivan was broadcasting on Portobello Community Radio. A wonderful community spot, just a few yards from All Saints’ Road, once (still?) known as the ‘Front Line’.

Click to play film

We chatted to many parents, teachers and community workers - all creative carers like you, who were interested in our Festival and keen to come along but simply couldn’t afford to pay the £40 we’ve budgeted to charge for tickets.

We met a senior member of the community who has been priced out of the area but comes back three times a week to see old friends. He told us about his art, you may have seen it, those iconic photographs of Notting HIll in the 60’s, the visit by Muhammad Ali.

Charlie Phillips said he’d be delighted to speak at our Festival, to inspire the next generation but that we’d need to pay him something as his “pension doesn;’t go very far these days”.

SCOAC19 recce photos (40) (Large).JPG

And rightly so. While we’re all artists, he’s a creative, someone whose art is his livelihood and whose work has brought pleasure to many and fueled the UK economy.


So our plan was to ask those creative carers with time and money to become a patron of the festival by making a donation to us as a non-profit community enterprise, to pay for those to come who also care and have time, but not much spare money.

We also asked them to help fund some of the production aspects of the festival like speaker expenses, creative’s fees, some really fantastic and breathtaking performances and filming so everyone across the country could enjoy the festival.

Your name in Lights?

We think it’s pretty exciting that everyone who signs up as a Partron will have their name in our next STEAM Co. newspaper.

But we’re even more excited to say The Guardian have offered us a free page in their paper and that every one of our patrons will have their name printed in there too!

This is particularly special as it was an article in The Guardian five years ago around our first launch event at the Royal Institution that super charged our journey.

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For as little as £1 you can become a Patron of this project to Celebrate and Showcase Creativity, to Inspire our children and help power their futures.

In far you can be a part of it too, part of an art project, so let’s call you a ‘PARTRON’ and make it cheap enough for EVERYONE to join in!

Below is how it works and what you’ll get back, in addition to a ton of good old good vibes:

  1. Pick a donation level

  2. Pay for it (all credit cards accepted)

  3. Wait for an email from us

Once you have made a donation we’ll get your email address and get back to you with how you would like your donation referenced on the newspaper page (ie John Smith, The Smith Family, The Smith’s Community, John Smith and Company, Mickey Mouse or Anonymous).

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Your name in STEAM Co. newspaper and The Guardian

Also named in online version of the newspaper


  • All of above plus:

  • Copy of STEAM Co. newspaper posted to you


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  • 3 sheets of #ILOVEART stickers


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  • All of above plus:

  • #ARTofROCKETS session in school of your choice 

£1,000 PARTRON

  • All £100 Partron benefits plus:

  • Parent/Child Place in a STEAM Co. Festival Crew (tbc) this Summer

£5,000 PARTRON

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  • One of 6 logo Festival supporter sponsorships/half page newspaper ad

£10,000 PARTRON

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  • One of 3 logo Festival sponsor sponsorships/full page newspaper ad

£50,000 PARTRON

  • All £100 Partron benefits plus:

  • 2 year founder sponsorship of first of four Pop-Up STEAM Co. Day Drop Truck with STEAMster to hit the road as part of our Scalability and Sustainability trial as developed with Nesta and DCMS

  • Each truck contains everything a school community needs to run its first STEAM Co. Day - a mini creativity festival: Ukuleles, BBC Micro:Bits for Coding, Spin Painting, Inventing, Newspaper Engineering, Rocket Kits, T-shirt printer, etc, etc.

For an idea of what it can do see the films below:

We completely appreciate that any creative carer, whether a person or organisation even vaguely interested in helping out with some of these options may at least want to meet us, tak references from some of our advisory board or see some paperwork before committing, so don’t hesitate to drop us a line at


Click here to see all the photos from our launch event in Parliament and the film we made of the day below with ‘Brother can you spare a pound’, the song that Gaz Mayall and The Trojans have kindly donated.