Nesta on universities

'Universities : Useful and Useless' was the title of a provocative, yet highly thought provoking and necessary lecture given at Cardiff University by Geoff Mulgan, CEO of Nesta recently on how universities can be more useful to society

Read more here and watch the lecture over there -->

BTW if you aren't familiar with Nesta, do sign up for their newsletters. They do a wide range of great work around social innovation particularly and are behind a number of hugely successful and impactful initiatives that we take for granted today like Code Club, Technology Will Save Us, Raspberry Pi and a number of projects into art innovation. 

They wrote this paper on STEAM.

Steam Co. and universities

We're working with useful universities on a range of projects and being contacted by more all the time.

Many are keen for us to speak at events, to host regional STEAM Co. launch events or provide faculty and/or students to help on STEAM Co. Days. Prof. Dave Hornby from Sheffield is one of our advisers and is working on a number of projects with us.

We've been asked to contribute to a BERA project with Cambridge, Aberdeen, Aberystwyth and Warwick looking at STEAM creativity in education.

Nick gave a talk at a recent conference which we'll put up here when it becomes available.


Imperial College is a fantastic example of a very useful university. As well as coming out on top in league tables of universities around the world, they also find time to run amazing outreach programmes to connect with the community.

The Imperial Festival is a great example of this (7-8 May 2016) with hundreds of displays, activities and shows for all the family and it's free.

A highlight are the activities in Imperial's Outreach labs set up and overseen by Prof. Robert Winston who inspired STEAM Co. back in the day with his immortal words "You have to get them in primary"

Sign up for this and other events, there's something on most weeks.