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An after school and before tea event for business leaders, teachers, policy wonks and other creative carers to discuss why we might and how we can all come together as Whole School Communities and Collaborate for our Children’s Futures.


Insightful talks, inspiring performances and engaging worshops to start thinking about collaborative solutions.

As well as brain food, this is a fund raiser for our non-profit work.

We have a load of free tickets and some that we’ll swap for a donation.


3.30 Register/tea/mingle
4.00 Introduction and Provocation
4.15 Richard Gerver Keynote
4.45 Audience Response
5.00 Panel 1 Response
5.30 Panel 2 Workshop
6.00 Part 1 Close and Comfort Break
6.15 Breakouts with all speakers/panellists
7.00 Close

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Because it Takes a Whole Village to Inspire a Child


4-6pm Thurs 11th July

Havas Kings Cross
The HKX Building
3 Pancras Square
London N1C 4AG



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Click image above to see Richard Gerver’s trailer video

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Confirmed speakers include:

  • Richard Gerver - global speaker, author, leadership consultant and ex head teacher.

  • Chris Hirst - CEO, Havas Creative. Will discuss the role this creative agency plays in the community in King’s Cross.

  • Captain OPE - Artist: Poet, Singer, Painter.

  • Lydia Wakefield - Education & Skills Team, Creative Industries Federation. Creative collaboration across industry.

  • Jodie Eastwood - British Library, Knowledge Quarter collaboration of organisations in King’s Cross.

  • Fran Sanderson - Head of Arts, Culture and Creativity team at NESTA and Arts Impact Fund

  • Wizdom Layne (tbc) - Tileyard Impact CIC - the outreach part of the complex of 100+ music studios in King’s Cross.

  • Andy Middleton - B Corp Ambassador and Chief Exploration Officer at TYF Group.

  • Katy Potts - Islington Schools - on their collaborations with local companies like Google, Ted Baker, Havas, etc.

  • Matthew Roberts - Bread and Butter Productions. A teacher who will preview his Edinburgh Fringe play 'Teach'.

  • Joumana Mourad - Artistic Director IJAD Dance Co. Discussing their dance/science collaboration


We have free tickets for anyone who wants them, but ideally teachers.

We hope you’ll pay a fiver if you can or tenner to cover a freebie for someone else.

We’re also looking for companies who will sponsor one of our half day sessions in a school before the end of term, maybe even pay for every child in that school to also get a copy of our new #RocketKidStories book.

Whatever works for you.

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When we saw Richard Gerver speak at the Happiness Festival in Birmingham the day after Stormzy stormed Glastonbury with his grime, Ballet and Gospel Mashup we just had to mash the two up as you can see below.

We then saw a stunning performance by Kirpa Singh of an Ed Sheeran song to open the Education and Poverty conference in Leeds that we spoke at.

When we realised that Ed’s new album was called ‘Collaborations’ and came out the day after our event we just had to mash that up too! And invite her down from Leeds to sing at our event!


If you ever introduce anyone from STEAM an event, never say they’re from “STEAM Company” as we don’t do company speak, but we do collaborate with them.

Look it up… the Co. in STEAM Co. stands for Collaboration. We are registered at Companies House as a non-profit Community Interest Company called STEAM Collaboration.

And we do what it says on the tin. We connect communities with their schools and power them to collaborate with teachers and other creative carers to inspire their children with creativity.

Talk is cheap. Collaboration is word of the moment. At this event we want to discuss collaboration and collaborative solutions we can all be a part of.


Richard Gerver is quite simply one of the UK’s, if not the world’s most respected speakers and authors on leadership, innovation and education and is in demand globally at education and business events. Unlike many speakers at this level, he has been there and tasted the chalk dust as he started out in life as a class teacher before moving, possibly prematurely but certainly fortunately, to headship after being accepted for a head leadership role in a desperately challenged and failing school, simply because no one else had applied.

The rest is history and documented in his own books as well as those by his mentor and collaborator Sir Ken Robinson. Richard turned that school around, from failing to Outstanding in Ofsted’s eyes (for what those labels mean) by making every day feel like a day at Disneyland for the children there, many of whom had little else in their lives.

When we saw that Richard had a book coming out called ‘Education - a Manifesto for Change’ we reached out to see if we could bag a copy and if he would record a podcast for us. Richard sent us a manuscript of the book and not only invited us to interview him in Derby but also made a donation to cover our costs to run our #WHATSyourART19 Session in a local school in a very challenged part of the city.

The book was a milestone publication, viewing education from the inside out and, critically, the outside in. It had collaboration as a core theme.

Being an organisation that keeps asking until people say ‘no’, we asked this super generous man again and he said yes, this time to do an exclusive keynote on the ket themes of his book, collaboration.

While you wait for this session, why not listen to the podcast we recorded with Richard here.


After a recent trip to Edinburgh, one collaboration we’re really looking forward to is with Matthew Roberts of Bread and Butter Productions when we will be joining him.

A teacher with a fascinating story, he has written a number of stage plays including ‘Canoe’ which was critically acclaimed at Edinburgh last year with a bevvy of 4 and 5 star reviews.

Teach is his story of a ‘lesson that changed a life, a school in struggle and strife and a government that cuts with a knife’.

Listen to him talking here on the James O’Brien show on LBC.

This alone will be worth coming for.


We’ll be updating this page as we get more but for now, go and grab your ticket


We have been delighted to collaborate with Havas in the past, not least when they sponsored a Pop-Up STEAM Co. Day at Regent High School during our first ARTCONNECTS Festival weekend in King’s Cross. They also arranged a car fro our Twelve Days of Creative Christmas Tour and have sponsored refreshments at events.

They facilitated a creative activity that saw the artwork of two young primary students displayed on a digital billboard.

Once again we are so grateful to Havas Kings Cross for collaborating with us on this event by hosting it in their awe inspiring HKX building, it’s worth a trip and a rare chance to see inside this creative epicenter alone.

See their Creative Director, Mark Whelan talk in this clip from the festival weekend.