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We've done summer and are now onto the Autumn where we'll connecting with even more school communities for a week at a time right across the UK with a week of STEAM Co. Art action and school community engagement.

parliamentary launch

With cross party support led by Sharon Hodgson MP for Sunderland we held an afternoon launch event in parliament.

We were grateful to a hastily convened lineup of inspiring and generous world-class speakers.

It was a cross party affair, led by Sharon Hodgson MP for Sunderland and included Andria Zafirakou, the Art Teacher and School/Community Leader who recently won the $1m Global Teacher Prize for her art.

See show film above and more photos and details at bottom of this page by clicking here


After Manchester and Brighton we had a great time in Leeds at the Northern Rocks Conference and then a Pop- up at The Tetley Weekender Micro Festival with our friends from PlayBox before a week in Yorkshire schools.

Other stops included London, Birmingham, Stoke and Newcastle before our grand finale at Camp Bestival.

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Take your pick

We have a whole range of sessions on offer, find out more below and then get in touch to see if we can squeeze you in in the Autumn:

The flyer over there gives you everything you need in one place to take away and discuss over a hob nob with colleagues.

All our sessions are suitable for KS1,2,3,4.

As an unfunded, non-profit community enterprise we request a donation to keep us going.

Find out more about each session below and book your session in here now.


Dean Marshall – Head Teacher
Mill Hill Primary, Sunderland


Vic Goddard - Head Teacher
Passmores Academy/'Educating Essex'


The schedule of the #SUMMEROFLOVEART tour part of our #INSPIRANATION campaign included:

We will publish Autumn dates soon, but do sign up now to register interest.

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The ultimate mash up of creativity and literacy:

  • All school assembly - which tells Homer's 'Rocket Boys' Story and explains how rocket work
  • Real rocket launch - outdoor launching to 500 feet with parachute recovery system
  • Rocket workshop - the chance for a class to make/fire paper rockets

A half day session for the whole school and a class to enjoy. See 90 secs film here.


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Bringing science, maths and careers to life.

  • All school assembly - where we talk about the creativity and determination of great inventors like Brunel, Stephanie Kwolek, George Stephenson, Ada Lovelace and Elon Musk and fire the Hypedloop.
  • Inventors workshop - the chance for a class to create their own invention ideas inspired by Inspirator Dominic Wilcox
  • Real rocket launch - outdoor launching to 500 feet with parachute recovery system

See film here.

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The ultimate day of community engagement - a whole day of creative thinking and doing activities out of our truck including:

  • Newspaper Engineering - roll newspapers to build a bridge
  • Spin painting - see how forces create art
  • Little Inventors - be inspired by Inventor Dominic Wilcox
  • Rocket Science - Make/fire paper rockets
  • Micro:bits and Bytes - learn to code a wearable computer
  • Ukulele - learn to play a tune in a day

We'll round the day off with a rocket launch to make a wish on. See film here.


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A rollercoaster of a tech day for a whole school:

‘All school’ assembly – a 45 minute journey through the history of tech and amazing role models and firing/timing of Elon Must’s dynamite HypedLoop!

Four 45 minute hands on activities:

  1. Micro Bits and Bytes– a chance to code the BBC Micro:bit. 
  2. 3D Worlds – hands on Virtual Reality, 3D photography, 3D modelling and 3D printing.
  3. We are the robots - a chance to programme a Lego RoboCroc
  4. Think like a computer – exercises in computational thinking

See 90 secs film here and get more info here >

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Community screening/discussion

An evening screening of the multi award winning creative education documentary 'Most Likely to Succeed' in a host school or college.

Followed by a discussion with an guest panel of educators, parents, artists and business people.

See trailer here for a past screening at a school here and get

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Celebrate and showcase the creativity in your school community.

Join our UK wide #ILOVEARTaction in collaboration with French Street artist JR who won $1m from TED to 'Turn the World Inside Out' with art.

We’ll get your #ILOVEART selfies printed to paste up on a wall.

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LIFT OFF: Parliamentary launch

ALL ABOard the Love Art Train

Education, business, parents and politicians were in the house to help us kick things off. And a Sex Pistol!

Inspiring people who came along to support our #SUMMEROFLOVEART included:

  • Passionate Politician - Sharon Hodgson MP for Sunderland
  • Brent Art Teacher - Andria Zafirakou - Global Teacher Prize winner for her art
  • Brent Artist - Surprise Guest - Who has also just won a big prize with her art
  • Expert Educationalist - Prof Bill Lucas, Co-chair OECD PISA Creative Thinking Team
  • Worried Dad - Nick Corston, Co-founder STEAM Co.
  • Creative Industry Leader - Gemma Greaves, CEO The Marketing Society
  • Campaigning Mum - Madeleine Holt, More Than A Score
  • Artist Inspirator - Tom Morley Team Builder and Drummer Scritti Politti
  • Guitar Hero - Glen Matlock - Artist, The Sex Pistols
  • Music : Chris Sullivan -Portobello Radio, The Wag

See the 2 minute film of highlights below:

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WEEK 1: Manchester/Lancashire

Creative Career Pathways to University

One of the biggest challenges facing the creative industries and the country itself is to convince young people to consider career pathways into the creative industries. It's widely accepted that this will involve convincing them and their parnets of the sense in this

We were therefore delighted to colcollaborate with Manchester School of Art and the Manchester MeMetropolitan University Outreach Team during our week in the city.

We co-hosted a Community Screening of the 'Most Likely to Succeed' documentary and worked with their students and Year 9 groups in local secondary schools as part of their NCOP funded work to encourage young people in challenged areas to consider higher education.

See the film below of one of the sessions.

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Parental Engagement AND FESTIVAL FUN

After speaking at a What's Next event on Parental Engagement we held Rocket Kids Sessions in Brighton Schools.

Japanese Rappers, Paper Rockets, #ILOVEART T-shirts - while we were down there we held a #SUMMEROFLOVEART Pop-Up at the Brighton Pop-Up Gallery on the seafront under the British Airways i360.

It was lovely to be next to designer Morag Myerscroft's brightly coloured and inspiringly worded bandstand on the beach.

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WEEK 3: Leeds/Yorkshire

Community Engagement

This really was a packed week. We had a great time in Leeds at the Northern Rock Conference and then a Pop- up at The Tetley art gallery Weekender Micro Festival with our friends from PlayBox and Leeds Dads as you can see in the film below.

We then had a week in schools across Yorkshire from Leeds to Bradford to Sheffield.

Watch this space for the full write up.

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WEEK 4: London/Rise UP Festival

We spoke at the Go Creative, Get a Job conference alongside some amazing speakers like Sir Ken Robinson that was organised by the Creative Industries Federation and The Roundhouse at held at Highgate School.

We published an updated version of our #INSPIRANATION newspaper with support form the National Careers Week and Creative Industries Council.


We also spent a few days at the Rise;Up Creative Education Festival in Twickenham which was organised by super creative school leader/teacher Stephen Lockyer.

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WEEK 5: Birmingham/Westmidlands

Birmingham is one of the UK's leading STEAM cities and the Birmingham City University just opened the STEAM House.

We're delighted to be collaborating with schools across the West Midlands on this week but do have a few half day slots so do get in touch.

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We have a great week lined up in Stoke in a collaboration with Staffordshire University and the Stoke Cultural Education Partnership.

We'll be holding a Community Screening with and in the Stoke YMCA and running activities at the West Midlands Big Bag! Boom!

We have a few slots left for half and full day sessions in schools.

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This whole tour was in no small way inspired by The Great Exhibition of the North, so we were delighted to go back to the North East on this tour taking in both Newcastle and Sunderland, not least to tell our stories about both the steam powered Rocket and STEAM Powered rockets! 

See the trailer film over there.

We've got lots of friend in the area that we looked up and had a fantastic STEAM Co. Day at Northern Saints Primary and a half day Rocket Kids session at Horton Grange Primary in Blyth in Northumbria, which they said was the "best day they've had in school, ever"

We were proud to include one of our greatest inspirations, Artist and big Little Inventor Dominic WIlcox in our talks and workshops. See the film below of how he and other world class UK creatives can work with us as Inspirators.

Also see a short film of how Art And Science came together on our visit to a school in the old Sunderland coalfields during Science Week.

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WEEK 8: Peterborough/CAMBS

This will see a collaboration with Peterborough Learning Partnership and the Festival Bridge Organisation.

Watch this space and sign up now. 

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WEEK 9: Nottingham/Lincolnshire

Watch this space

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WEEK 10: Bristol/South West

Watch this space

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WEEK 11: London/South East

Watch this space

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We're going to finish the #SUMEMROFLOVEART UK Tour where we started.

No not in Parliament as we did above but at our spiritual home, Camp Bestival at Lulworth Castle in Dorset where 8 years ago we were inspired to start STEAM Co.

As usual we'll be delivering a daily #ARTofSCIENCE stage show in the Science Tent stage as well as have our own #ARTofROCKETS maker area.

We'll also be letting people design and print up their own #ILOVEART T-shirts.

See you in the mosh pit - book your tickets here - BRING IT ON!!!

Check out the two films below, one of our stage show at Camp Bestival (and some after hours action) and one that tells the story of how Camp Bestival inspired us.

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