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Nick Corston, Dad and Co-Founder of non-profit Community Enterprise STEAM Co. hosts the ARTCONNECTS19 Podcast - an A-Z of Art.

Celebrating the power of creativity, technology and people to inspire young people and children in their learning.

To create careers and power the economy and to engage and connect society and wider communities.

We believe we have to connect young people with their art be it dance, dj-ing, cooking or coding, fashion or football and connect communities with their schools.

Every episode we'll be talking to not just teachers and people in the world of education but across the board.

Because art is what we call it when what we do might connect us.

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1: The ART of ART

MAtthew Taylor - CEO AT The RSA

Our first podcast gets things off off to a flying start after Nick tells Matthew all about STEAM Co. and does more than convince him that it offers an engagement platform for RSA Fellows and other likeminds keen to help put Creativity First in our Schools Work and Lives.

You won’t believe what Matthew proposes.

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Boom! We saw an interesting new book ‘Education: A Manifesto for Change’ on the horizon, Its author, Richard sent us a copy, we saw him speak, worked together in a school and recorded this journey that takes in Obama, Sir Ken Robinson, Google and Columbia.

With one underlying theme, Collaboration.

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3: The ART of BOLD

Kirsty Williams - Minister for Education, Wales

Wales has co-created and trialled a new curriculum with school leaders, teachers and some of the world’s leading experts. It has creativity at its heart.Here their Minister for Education, Kirsty Williams outlines the vision and thinking behind it and relates it to her family life.

This is bold leadership. Their country depends on it.

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