Being set up as a non-profit Community Interest Company, the support of the business community is key and we have been inspired by and appreciate the support we've had from organisations like the CBI and Business in the Community.

We've been really grateful for the ad hoc support we've received over the years from companies like BT, Lego, IKEA and Ford.

We're now looking for a core of 6 launch and 10 supporter sponsors to provide some continuity and help us build a firm foundation on which we can grow STEAM Co. and roll it out to every UK primary school.

This sponsorship will deliver on many fronts:

  • Investment in futures - our children desperately need these skills. The economy more so. We need your support to help us build a core team, to package our experiences, inspiration and ideas (and maybe yours) to take it to every primary school in the UK.
  • Support for schools - primary teachers are already flat out teaching children to read, write and do maths. They can't be expert sin science, engineering, coding and creativity. Companies have these skills that they can and must share with the wider community, via schools. Via STEAM Co.
  • Employee engagement -the ore visionary companies ore looking for ways that they and the staff can contribute back to society and STEAM Co. offers a perfect route. Companies can not only help us with sponsorship but also people, to go into schools to help run STEAM CO. Days. No experience is necessary, just a passion to help and inspire. A chartered engineer, an artist or an office worked can all play their part on a STEAM Co. Day.

In the long term we'd hope to see support from businesses that might otherwise be competitors, collaborating for the future of our children and our economy. In the short term we're keen to finding synergistic and complementary sponsors.

Our generous launch sponsors so far have included:


We've had fantastic support from Barclays. They've provided Digital Eagle volunteers to help with coding activities at STEAM Co. Days in UK schools and have been delighted to help them as their roll out their network of Eagle Labs.

We were delighted when they offered to host our 'Blue Sky Doing' evening of talks to delebrate creativity. See film here.

"STEAM Co. are unleashing the power of art and creativity", said Ashok Vaswani, CEO Barclays. "We don't have a CSR strategy, THIS is our business"

Cass Art

Cass Art brings a shared belief that we can and must fill our cities, towns and villages with artists. STEAM CO. believes we are all artists. And art, and that attitude, enriches lives.

“We support STEAM Co. because we also believe in the power that art has to change and enrich the lives of children", said Mark Cass, Founder and Chairman of Cass Art.

"Without organisations like STEAM, our society would not only suffer economically, but it would be a diminished place artistically, too.” 

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National Grid

For believing and encouraging us with a personal passion from the top down that engineering be seen as a creative activity.

Together we will break down the silo’d thinking of art versus science’.

“What attracted us to support STEAM Co. was the way they have engaged parents in their children’s education with an eye on their future career prospects’, said Tony Moloney, head of Education and Skills at National Grid.

“Moreover I’m personally passionate that engineering be seen as a creative activity and applaud STEAM Co.’s vision of breaking down the silo’d thinking of art versus science’.


For helping us get all the talks at #SCOL1 on YouTube to provide endless inspiration.

And their amazing work with Google Labs, DevArt and Science Fair and sharing it all. Yes, they're taking their turn.

Their support is particularly significant as back in 2011 when we started STEAM Co, Dr Eric Schmidt Chairman of Google said that the UK needed to bring art and science back together, as it had in the "glory days of the Victorian era" when Lewis Carroll wrote one of the classic fairy tales, Alice in Wonderland, and was also a mathematics tutor at Oxford.

Will you support us?

Would you like to run an event with us, sponsor/host a STEAM Co. Day for your community or sponsor a STEAM Co. Drop Truck?

To find out more about supporting and sponsoring STEAM Co. email us now.