A very big part of the community that we connect with schools is the business community and we frankly wouldn't be here without companies like Barclays, National Grid, BT and Google who have been very generous to us both in cash and in kind by keeping us with connections, resources and people.


This company is committed both to community and future skills via its STEM/STEAM work and was our first corporate sponsor, funding our first STEAM Co. Day Drop Truck and other activities.  


Where better to hold an evening of Blue Sky Doing talks, than at the top of Barclays HQ. Who better to help teach children to code the BBC Micro:bit than their Digital Eagles. 


Creative Director Steve Vranakis spoke at our first launch event at the Ri and they helped with the production costs and filming of our Liverpool launch event with Sir Ken Robinson.


We're delighted to help and work with companies that share our values for community and creativity and work in similar areas. For a great example, see the film above of how we've supported Barclays and their nationwide roll out of Eagle Lab community maker spaces.

We can help stage launch events as we did for BT's National Inventors Day at the top of the BT Tower in the film below where we met Dominic Wilcox. Talk about bringing to life what BT do, yes #ARTconnects not technology:


We can rock up with the STEAM Co. Drop Truck and help stage mini STEAM Co. Days in company buildings as part of their local community outreach using their staff as activity leaders and helpers working with our own team, all fully briefed and resourced as we did for Google recently as in the photos below.

We can do do this simply using resources from our Drop Truck such as newspaper engineering, rocket science, ukulele, spin painting, zoetrope animation and BBC Micro:bit coding or get some of our amazing creative friends to come in with their own magic, people like Darcy Turner (STIXX workshops), Dominic Wilcox (Little Inventors) or Neil Atkin (Rubbish Science) or Tom Morley (Funky Drummer).

We can also give one or both of our STEAM Co. talks to children and/or adults: 'Rocket Kids' or STEAM Inventors. We might even be able to convince Mr Brunel to come along and tell his story.

No more predictable or boring corporate events for you.

As Albert Einstein said "Imagination will take us anywhere".


Our team and network of inspiring creatives, educators and business people are available to speak at your events or we can help you curate an event around creativity and how it can engage children, innovate business and connect communities.


We're particularly keen to hear from companies who want to help us with sponsorship and support ideas.

We're currently actively recruiting launch sponsors and supporters to help us roll STEAM CO. out across the UK.

Find out more here.