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Here at STEAM Co. we say that ‘Art is what we call it when what we do might connect us to someone else”.

One child’s art might be painting, another’s might be photography. Cooking or coding, fashion or football.

Whatever. It’s a passion that might just help them through school, work and life.

And this session is all about helping them find it and increasing life options.

Our Summer Tour brings exciting, inspiring and hands on talks and workshops into primary school communities and secondary transition.

Half or full day, it consists of an all school assembly and one or more hands on activity workshops.

It’s been put together to minimise effort to you and maximise inspiration, of children, teacher and the parents and other creative carers in your school community. Get them all in.

WHAT WILL Ofsted make of all this?

We’re sure they’ll love it.

With the new Ofsted framework on the horizon, many schools are looking closely at creativity and broadening their curriculum.

The STEAM approach and creativity can engage young people in their learning as well as be shown to provide career pathways and critical life skills. From the Department of Education to the Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport to Department of Department of Business, Enterprise and Industrial Strategy the government is firmly creativity and the arts.

Ofsted are also keen to get the whole school community involved. And that’s what we do.

Children love it. Teachers and parents love it. We’re sure Ofsted will too!

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We’re a non-profit community enterprise and have to ask for donations to cover our costs of staging these sessions.

We request a donation of £300 for half day session (assembly/one activity) and £750 for full day (assembly/4 activities) and rocket.

We know school budgets are tighter than ever but the feedback we get is that it’s worth every penny. Many schools raise it from a whip round in their community, other get sponsors, some use Pupil Premium?

We’re trying to get sponsors centrally to pay for sessions in part or full. Let us know if you need help funding these days.


You pick a half or full day session, confirm a date and we’ll send you a flyer and a video you can email home to tell everyone, maybe request donations, raise some sponsorship and get parents and other carers to sign up o help out on the day,

We rock up with our Drop-Truck containing everything we need to run the session.

See the films at the bottom of the page to get a feel what these sessions look like.

All School Assembly

In this engaging, informative and inspiring 45 minute session for the whole school community we talk about art, what it is and why it’s important along. We look at the 21st Century Skills our kids will need to outpace the robots.


Choose one workshop if you’re having a half day session or four or more if it’s going to be a whole day affair. You can timetable them for 45 minutes each or have a free flow day where children try whatever takes their fancy.

Workshops include:

  • ROCKETS - In this activity, inspired by the true story in the ‘Rocket Boys’ book, every child gets the chance to make and fire a paper rocket 200 feet in the air. Always a real hit with the dads. Be sure to invite a few in!

  • CODING - We need to show our children how to create computer games digital experiences and not just consume them. In this session they’ll learn how to code a £12 BBC Micro:bit and then start saving to buy one with some friends to code in the holidays.

  • ROBOTS - If we’re going to beat them, we need to understand them and in this session the children get to see how robots work and have the chance to code a few to obey their every command including the amazing Lego Rubik’s Cube solving robot .

  • ENGINEERING - A look at civil engineering and different types of structures. Children get the chance to make structures from paper straws and also roll newspapers up using the rolling machine into titanium strong rods.

  • Also available - our truck also contains 30 Ukuleles, giant bubbles, an Invention workshop, Zoetropes, etc.

It goes a little something like this

Take a look at the films below of similar sessions


An all school assembly, rocket workshop and rocket launch inspired by Homer Hickam’s book Rocket Boys.


An all school assembly, four tech workshops and HypedLoop launch with Google and Barclays.

Tomorrow’s Engineers

An all school assembly, four engineering workshops and two launches with The IET.