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Waltham Forest
7-9PM Weds 15th May

  • Chris Tofu MBE - Camp Bestival, Boomtown Fair, Glastonbury and Other Festivals near you

  • Charlie Phillips - Iconic Photographer of the Windrush Generation, Notting Hill Carnival and the first Glastonbury

  • Chenine Bhathena - Creative Director Coventry 2021

  • Sam Hunt - Creative Director Waltham Forest, London Borough of Culture 2017/Hull 2017

  • Marva Rollins OBE - Head Teacher Raynham Primary who has said “Creativity is a Luxury” and enlisted a local creative company to help inspire her children.

  • Nick Corston - STEAM Co. - a dad that The Guardian and Wired have described as a ‘Man on a Misson’ to power communities to inspire children with creativity

  • TBC - watch this space

Given STEAM Co. was inspired by Camp Bestival to Bring the Festival Experience into School Communities and given that the season is upon us where better place to start than with Festivals and where better place to start than Waltham Forest, home of London’s First Borough of Culture 2019.

What, where, who?

The event is being held at One Hoe Street, their Festival hub and HQ and features a keynote from a man who has had a hand in many of the country’s most inspiring and legendary Festivals from Shangri-La at Glastonbury to Caravanserai at Bestival/Camp Bestival and Boomtown Faire.

Yes we’ve managed to pin down the legend that is Chris Tofu from Festival Creative Agency Continental Drifts. Once awarded the unsung hero of UK festivals, we’ll hear from him on his home turf of East London.

He’ll be joined by the Creative Directors of two of the UK’s leading urban culture festivals Sam Hunt, Creative Director of Waltham First - London Borough of Culture 2017 and Chenine Bhathena, Creative Director of Coventry 2021.

With Culture Secretary Jeremy Wright MP having announced a National Creativity Festival for the UK in 2022 which inspired our very own #ARTCONNECTS Festival, this event could prove to be a foundational moment for us all.

Grab your ticket now, bring some handwash but leave your tent and sleeping bag behind.