On a full STEAM Co. Day the children get to choose from up to 20 activities like coding, the science of music, spin painting, joining the global cardboard challenge or designing and creating dream roomsets in shoe boxes.

So far we've run 50 different activities in our own children's school's STEAM Co. Day and have packaged a few of them up in the STEAM Co. Drop Truck that you can use on a Pop-Up STEAM Co. Day to save you having to come up with all your own activities using existing ideas, talent and resources.

In overview there are a few types of STEAM Co. Day

  • 'Rocket Kids' STEAM Co. Sampler - the easiest one, where we turn up for half a day and give a 30 minute assembly inspired by Homer Hickam's Rocket Bosy book and film, fire a real rocket and then lead an air rocket making and firing activity for a group of children. We are also keen to include a meeting with staff, parents and your community to discuss running a STEAM Co. Day - £300
  • Mini STEAM Co. Day - we can bring the STEAM Co. Drop Truck along and offer around 4-6 activities (Rocket Science, newspaper engineering, Micro:bit Coding, Zoetropes and Little Inventors) for a smaller group of children and staff/carer helpers - £500-750 
  • Pop-up STEAM CO. Day - where we bring the STEAM Co. Drop Truck along and provide everything you need to run a  STEAM Co. Day - just and children and carers - £750 - 1,000
  • Full STEAM Co. Day - where you use our guide and branding and our range of downloadable activity materials together with your own activities using existing ideas, talent and resources from your community - requires £250 STEAM Co. School membership.
  • Your STEAM Co. Day - where you use our guide and branding and your own activities using existing ideas, talent and resources from your community - no donation required but we'd hope you'd consider a £250 STEAM Co. School membership donation.

All the above prices are recommended donations as we are a non-profit Community Interest Company,

All these activities are run by a combination of outside creatives, carers, companies and teachers that you would recruit, but we can hep connect you with some people and organisations who provide vetted and trained STEM/STEAM volunteers, many free of charge.

But they are all artists. We are all artists.

films of typical STEAM Co. Days:


Four 'Rocket Kids' STEAM Co Samplers - stage show and air rocket making/firing activity in Primary schools across Sunderland and a Community Briefing meeting.


A Pop-Up STEAM Co. Day in a typical inner city primary in London, commissioned by Westminster, Kensington and Hammersmith council for a schools conference.


A Pop-Up STEAM Co. Day in an independent prep school that saw fantastic collaboration across the school staff and Sinclair C5 electric cars.

Ludlow Junior School

When STEAM Co. Co-founder Nick Corston went back to help on a day at his own school in Shropshire with a help of a few other Shropshire lads.

St Saviour's, Paddington

Where STEAM Co. started 6 years ago. See how joining the global cardboard challenge inspired by Caine's Arcade saw them appear on BBC Breakfast television.

The Spinney, CAMBRIDGE

How this Cambridge primary school ran a STEAM Co. Day for its community one Saturday where a grandad and grand daughter ran a coding activity.


A STEAM Co. Day starts with a special assembly, maybe with a few special guests or the STEAM Co. 'Rocket Kids' or 'STEAM Inventors' talks.

Integrating back to the curriculum, it gives the children an overview of what to expect .


At the end of the assembly, the children may all given a passport telling them where the activities are. This passport is created from artwork that STEAM Co. can supply.

The rest of the day is down to you... 


A lovely addition to y our STEAM Co. Day might be getting every child to make a pennant to go into a string of bunting that can be literally wrapped around the school on the big day.

Ideally this would just be an old tea towel or shirt material.

Again we can provide artwork and a send home letter for this. This is a lovely way of engaging home creativity but we are mindful if may be perceived as an additional burden on parents and lead to competitive pressures. It is not a competition.  

Some schools send home a donation envelope with the template to solicit voluntary donations towards the cost of staging the STEAM Co. Day.

Sign up here for info or to run your own STEAM Co. Day and we'll tell you how.