Sir Ken Robinson - Educationalist/Author
No 1 TED Talk 'Do Schools Kill Creativity'

'Education must foster creativity'

 Prof Klaus Schwab - World Economic Forum
Author - 'Fourth Industrial Revolution'


What is creativity? Can you teach it? Can you test it? Why does it matter? What do parents and teachers need to know? What can they do? Who is doing what?

Enjoy, be inspired by and engage with a line-up of world-class talks/ performances/ workshops by local and national artists/carers that will discuss and answer these questions.

We'll be looking at teaching of creative subjects and creative teaching approaches.

We're still finalising the exact line up but have some great speakers to announce now.


Hosted by the inspiring educationalist and author Jaz Ampaw-Farr, star of The Apprentice and TEDxNorwichEd.

We've known Jaz nearly 20 years and marveled at her meteoric rise from Literacy Consultant and to author, global speaker and coach to teachers and parents everywhere.

As Jaz says "We have to advocate for creativity in our schools"


Our day will kick off with an inspirational talk by Chris Dyson, Headteacher of Parklands Primary in Leeds, TES Community Collaboration School of the year in one of the UK's most challanged communities, seen her sharing his 'Outstanding' secrets.

Chris will be joined in his session by other artists from Yorkshire - Emma Bearman on PlayBox and Bryn Llewellyn of TagTiv8.


  • Mark Anderson - ICT Evangelist
  • Emma Bearman - Playful Leeds
  • Phil Beadle - artist, teacher
  • Alex Bell - RSA/Portland Education
  • Prof. Pam Burnard - Cambridge University
  • Emma Cairnes - Bridgemary School
  • Chris Dyson - Headteacher, Parklands Primary
  • John Galloway - Tower Hamlets
  • Ty Goddard - Education Foundation
  • Bob Harrison - EdTech Consultant
  • Madeleine Holt - More Than A Score
  • Julian Jenkins - Meads Primary
  • Bryn Llewellyn - TagTiv8
  • Stephen Lockyer : Curriculum Enrichment Leader, Lumen Learning Trust
  • Dr Peter Lovatt - Dr Dance, Herts Uni 
  • Tom Morley - Artist, Inspirator
  • Ann Mroz - Editor in Chief TES
  • Rae Snape - Spinney School
  • Kenneth Tharp - Artist
  • Dominic Traynor - A Tale Unfolds
  • Hannah Wilson - Headteacher Aureus School

Creativity keynote


Specialising in creativity, Phil Beadle is one of the most experienced and well thought of education speakers in the United Kingdom and beyond.

He is expert in the barriers facing white working class students and is currently working on implementing aspects of game theory into professional football coaching.

Author of 10 books about teaching and learning including the influential and best selling ‘How to Teach’, which was awarded 10/10 by the TES.

His recently completed book ‘Rules for Mavericks: A Manifesto for the Disobedient’ examines how orthodoxies respond to maverick stances and how to live life profitably outside the mainstream.

Phil will be talking about 'The imperative of creativity' and why it matters.



Given the contribution of creativity to the economy and society, we surely need it now more than ever.

Yet creativity in schools is one of the most debated objects. Do we need to focus on knowledge or skills. Does the conversation have to be so binary? And if so, why?

Some feel that many state and private schools  focus blindly on academic subjects and marginalise the arts. Some blame the EBacc, others parental pressure.

The TES proudly position themselves as a 'broad church' on this and recently featured a comprehensive article on creativity with contributions from world leading academics such as Dylan WIliam and Prof Bill Lucas, who has just been appointed by OECD PISA to advise on their new creative skills tests

TES Editor-in-Chief Ann Mroz is well placed to lead what will surely be a heated debate.



One of the most prolific educators in the UK, standing out in all areas of pedagogy, diversity and generosity if not pure energy is Hannah Wilson.

Until recently Professional Learning Consultant Leader at Harris Federation Teaching School Alliance, she is now Executive Headteacher at Aureus Secondary and (soon to open) Primary Schools in Didcot.

Being a co-founder and advocate for both #WomenEd and #BAMEEd and massive networker has surely gone some way to help her build one of the most formidable teams for these schools which she proudly claims are built on STEAM creativity principles.

She and her team will be sharing a few of their early experiences and approaches that will be of interest to primary and secondary teachers as well as parents with an interest in how their children are, or will be taught.



A number of talks looking at technology in learning led by the awesome Mark Anderson who will take us on a journey through his Periodic Table of STEAM Apps.

A former school leader, Mark has more than twenty years of experience in the classroom, and says his mission has always been to impact positively on the futures of children.

His ICT Evangelist blog won the Education Blog of the Year award in 2015 and he is now one of the UK’s most in-demand keynote speakers, independent strategic consultants and trainers.

He is also a passionate advocate for the purposeful use of technology linked to pedagogy. There are few others that have such experience of classroom practice, teaching and learning, management and technical knowledge. His experience has led to him working with schools and keynoting at conferences all over the world.


"Art is what we call it when what we do might connect us"

So what better name and inspiration than #ARTCONNECTS, for a national festival of creativity we're holding with other People4Art in King's Cross, London's freshest Creative Hub and Knowledge Quarter to celebrate and showcase creative schools, work and lives.

Click here to go to the event home page

The links below will take you to pages for each of the main elements of the festival where you can find out more and get tickets.

See the trailer film below and download the flyer here.



A day of creative activities and short talks staged by local artists/businesses and hosted by Regent High School in Kings Cross for groups of KS2 primary children from across the UK with their teachers and carers.

This is a strictly pre-booked ticketed event for schools and not open to the public.

More info >>



Join us at the British Library to see the creative education documentary 'Most Likely to Succeed' featuring High Tech High and Sir Ken Robinson. Join the debate afterwards to share your thoughts with a guest panel.

Proudly hosted in partnership with the grassroots teacher movement #BrewEd.

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'Creative Schools'

Enjoy, be inspired by and engage with a line-up of world-class talks, performances and workshops by local and national artists showcasing the amazing work being done to promote creativity in our school communities and why.

At  University of the Arts : Central Saint Martins.

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Enjoy, be inspired by and engage with a line-up of world-class talks/ performances/ workshops by local and national artists/carers showcasing creativity in everyday life and how it powers lives, businesses and communities.

Hosted by the  futurist Adah Parris at the University of the Arts : Central Saint Martins.

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We can't have a creativity festival and not have a dance. We'll be led by the amazing Dr Peter Lovatt - 'Dr Dance' at Hertfordshire University in a secret underground ballroom in Kings Cross.

Our DJ line up is TBC but expect to relearn to dance to everything from Disco to Capoeira, Jive to Country and Electro to Northern Soul.

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We have had approval to be supported as an official campaign of arts activism by the artist and $1m TED prize winner, JR.

He will large format print hundreds of selfies we send him of people/children celebrating their art to be displayed around Kings Cross and other key locations across the UK! 

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