On Sunday 11th May 2014, Nick took to the stage at the Kidcrafters parenting conference at the Royal Institution in London.

He spoke alongside over 20 other speakers including keynotes from educational guru Prof Guy Claxton, Google Europe's Creative Director Steve Vranakis and parenting guru Noel Janis-Norton.

Nick announced STEAM Co. as the new name for  the initiative he co-founded 4 years prior as The Little House of Fairy Tales and told the story behind it and the need for change.

With his wife Amanda, and another school parent, Jacky Schroer, and having all initially been inspired by both Sir Ken Robinson's TED talk and The House of Fairy Tales they'd seen at Camp Bestival, with permission, they'd used the name Little House of Fairy Tales for three years but now felt it was time to move on.

The initiative Nick had help craft with a team of thousands at St Saviour's School was not Little, nor anything to do with Fairies but it had come across the wonder and opportunity presented by STEAM skills.

So STEAM Co was born. The Co stands for COmmunity, COllaboration, CoCreation, whatever CO word yo can think of (well most of them!).

You can see a Youtube film of Nick's 10 minute presentation launching STEAM Co. on the Kidcrafters website here.