We had the most amazing STEAM Co Day at St Saviour's C of E Primary in Paddington in London today.

Among the 20 or so activities St Saviour’s children were able to choose from at their STEAM Co. Day on Friday included:

THE 3D DIMENSION – after global media coverage of how every child in the school learned to code Raspberry Pi computers in a STEAM Co. Day 2 years ago, this year they were taught 3D modelling software and had the chance to 3D print their work. Their head teacher, Ms Lindsey Woodford was 3D scanned and a foot high statue of her produced. Coding is sooo last year!

ARCHITECTURE– architects from Zaha Hadid’s London studio inspired the children in a Lego Architecture Studio activity, helping them create the connection between STEAM skills such as art and engineering with careers in the built environment.

LIBERTY ‘INSPIRATOR’ – a key aspect of these STEAM Co. Days is to bring creative talent from the community into schools. Emma Mawston, Head of Design at Liberty, London ran a textile print workshop as an ‘inspirator’. Designs produced will be used in items for sale in the Christmas Fayre.

BRIDGE BUILDING – A very special guest appearance was made by Isambard Kingdom Brunel who visited the school and supervised the rebuilding of the Tamar Bridge from steel-strong STIXX made by the children from rolled up newspapers.

IT IS ROCKET SCIENCE – in another activity, the children were taught the laws of gravity by making rockets from sheets of A4 paper that they launched 150m into the sky using compressed air and a special launcher, the first of its kind in the UK which was recently smuggled into the country from the World Maker Faire in New York.

The other 16 activities covered bubbletastic science, discovering Matisse, Improv drama, Spin Art, thermal transfer T-shirt printing, science of music, maths magic and the Little Big Disco – the most fun you can have in a broom cupboard.

“A STEAM Co Day is not just another day of arts and crafts”, said Nick Corston, co-founder of STEAM Co. “these are critical skills but primary school teachers can’t do everything so we engage the community – local creatives, technologists, parents and the teachers to inspire children with creativity. We now want to roll it out across the UK”.

“This is one of the most eagerly anticipated days in our school year”, said Ms Woodford, Head Teacher at St Saviour’s C of E Primary School. “What’s particularly special is the way it encourages parents who might not otherwise get involved, as we believe everyone has something to contribute. This year, we have more volunteers coming into the school from our community than ever - engineers, artists, scientists, mathematicians as well as people to make the tea, medals and bunting to surround the school.”

For more photos and background of St Saviour;'s STEAM Co Day visit their own blog here and Facebook page here.