What is art? What is YOUR art?

Art means many things to many people and it's a key ingredient in the STEAM acronym for us, being key to the creativity we feel is key to inspiring our children as well as innovating business and connecting communities.

While it might take some explaining and ruffle a few feathers we're keen to keep the definition as wide and therefore as inclusive as possible.

"Art is what we call it when what we do might connect us" - Seth Godin

What connects us

So in addition to activities like dance, music, painting, etc does that means football and baking might be your art? As well as coding? 

Why not?

It sometimes feels that creativity is a bit of a dirty word and art is 'not for me' so we thought about a simple campaign to celebrate art, in all its forms in a way everyone can own.

A Creativity Revolution

It was inspired in part by a talk that Darren Henley, CEO of the Arts Council gave when he called for a 'Creativity Revolution'.

So we created a simple logo and launched the campaign 'People4Art' at a community meeting on a two day trip to Sunderland where we were running STEAM Co. Sampler Days in schools.

By the end of it local children and members of the community had created over 1,000 logos of their own to celebrate #ILoveArt

Visit the website www.people4art.org.uk  to tell us why you love art and what your art is.