Our mission is to share our experiences and resources with every school in the UK that wants to run a STEAM Co. Day to inspire their children with creativity.

We're currently trying to get funding to cover our time to create a database and website for this and to help other schools get up and running.

The six events we've run so far in our school have been delivered largely by parent power and a budget largely to cover external creative collaborators and materials. 

We've got half of that via external sponsorship by 4 local companies and the rest via voluntary and PTA donations. Maybe Pupil Premium is available in your school?

Some schools can't afford that so we'd like to create a grant fund. Some don't have enough engaged parents, maybe we could help connect you with companies, secondary schools or voluntary bodies?

Some might just want to pay us to run a STEAM Co. Day for them. All to be discussed.

We've also helped a few run STEAM CO. Days independently to see how it goes. And it went very well.

We've recently launched Pop-Up STEAM CO. Days - a kit of parts for schools to run their own STEAM Co. Day and we've now got a STEAM Co. Drop Truck containing everything you need to run a STEAM Co. Day, hopefully the first of many. 

For now, until we're ready to help every school by giving them everything they need to run a STEAM CO. Day of their own, please sign up on the form on the home page here. so we can keep you posted.

What works for you?


Some schools have highly engaged and creative communities who can watch a few of our films, think 'that's a great idea' and go and run their own STEAM Co. Days. One mum told us how she came to one of our events and just went away and ran a STEAM Co. Day on a £100 budget which was amazing.

Which is great but why do everything yourself, from scratch. We're really keen to see communities fly the flag for creativity in schools across the UK via STEAM Co. and will do all we can to help you by providing a guidebook, logo and promotional templates. We also want to build a network of STEAM Co. Schools. 

Pop-Up STEAM Co. Day

To make it as easy as possible to run a STEAM Co. Day we're looking for sponsorship for more STEAM Co. Pop-Up Day Drop Trucks so we can have one in every part of the UK that communities can use, maybe for a small charge. We have one already which we've already taken to Newcastle and Dorset, no engaged community too far for us!

Find out more about the Drop Truck and Pop-Up Days.

The STEAM Co. Sampler

If you just want to find out more about STEAM Co. and what running a day will involve we can pop along to see you. As well as meet the school leadership team and community representatives, while we're there we can give our Rocket Boys (and girls) assembly and run our Rocket Science activity. This is great for Year 7 transition in secondaries as well as primaries. More here.